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We Want To Help You Complete More Jobs In Less Time!

The Attachments King team wants to work with you to find opportunities in your operations to complete more work in less time!

Reach out to us below for a completely free consultation with the CEO and a dedicated Account Executive.

Our Method

Our Method

We'll work with you to analyze your operations together and identify opportunities for massive productivity increases.

Our goal is to break this all down numerically and show you, beyond any doubt, that you will make more money after we are done working together.

We have a background in analytics -- what we will do is present our findings on how you can achieve a measurable speed increase for your jobs with an attachment that can specifically speed up your operations.

This will give you the opportunity to complete more jobs in the same amount of time that you currently do now.

And to cap it all off, we'll show you the real numbers on this investment - how long it will take to pay for itself and how much extra revenue you'll achieve after 6 months.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work?

1. You'll fill out the form above and submit your request.

2. We'll reach out to you to schedule a 15-minute introductory call.

3. On the call, we'll ask you a few questions to get a better idea of what you do and which parts of your operations have hidden potential for efficiency gains.

4. If you're selected to be a good fit, we'll onboard you into our process and work with you to get data on your operations.

5. Over the next 5 days, we'll do our analysis and compile our findings into a report for you.

6. We'll have one final 30-minute call together to present our findings. If you don't move forward, you still get to keep our findings for free!

Testimonial: Brad T.

How the Double Pole Claw Paid For Itself

How the Double Pole Claw Paid For Itself

"You know, we have an auger truck and that kind of stuff. It's just, the gentleman that worked for us, he had one of these at his last job and it saves so much time.

It's so much faster than hooking up a sling, picking it up with the crane, and setting it. You can just pick 'em up and put 'em right in place.

It comes back, after 2 or 3 jobs you've already got it back."

- Brad T.
(Setting Light Poles with the EZ SPOT UR Double Pole Claw)

See The Attachment Brad Used

Our Happy Customers