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Blue Diamond Extreme Duty Brush Cutter: A Comprehensive Review - Attachments King

Blue Diamond Extreme Duty Brush Cutter: A Comprehensive Review

Written by: Mike Reese



Time to read 4 min

What is a Brush Cutter and Why Choose the Blue Diamond Extreme Duty?

Brush cutters are essential tools for clearing out dense vegetation and tough brush. These machines are capable of cutting through tough weeds, shrubs, and trees, and come in various sizes and features to suit different needs. For any landowner with a significant amount of brush and vegetation, a brush cutter is a "must-have" attachment. And If you're looking for a durable and reliable skid steer brush cutter for your heavy-duty projects, the Blue Diamond Extreme Duty Brush Cutter is worth considering.  

Understanding Brush Cutters

Brush cutters are designed to cut down dense vegetation or underbrush that lawnmowers can't handle. The cutting mechanism on a brush cutter is more robust and is better suited to cutting through tough, woody brush. Brush cutters are often designed to come as attachments for a skid steer, or excavator, as it requires a higher hydraulic flow rate in order to get the blade tip speed necessary for slicing through brush. Tractor owners are going to have a harder time getting the power out of these that they need to.

Advantages of Blue Diamond Extreme Duty Brush Cutter

The Blue Diamond Extreme Duty Brush Cutter is one of the most advanced and highly durable brush cutters on the market. This robust and durable machine boasts a range of features that make it ideal for heavy-duty projects. Below, we'll walk through the features that set this masterpiece apart from other units on the market.

Versatility - It's A Mulcher And More

The brush cutter is designed to achieve most of what a mulcher can do, and even some things a mulcher cannot. It can handle a variety of vegetation types and sizes, from thin underbrush to larger trees, up to 10-inch diameter. It's also capable of dealing with stumps, avoiding the need to use an excavator on a second pass.

Double-Edged Blades

The cutter blades are Double-Edged, which offer the operator the opportunity to use one edge for grass and save the other for tougher brush. The motor can be reversed from the cab, reducing the need to swap hoses and saving massive amounts of time.

Ease Of Use

The brush cutter is wickedly easy to operate and can be used to clear large areas of land quickly and efficiently. It's exactly what you want out of an attachment -- brutally powerful and incredibly easy to use.

High-Quality Motor

The brush cutter uses a radial piston motor that is 95% efficient, meaning it uses the oil from the skid steer in the best way possible. This also allows it to run cooler in hot conditions and maintain its torque through its RPM range. 

One-Inch Thick Serrated Blade Carrier

The size and mass of the blade carrier help it move through difficult material. The serrated edge helps process material more finely and prevents branches from getting hung up. 

Drop Down Blade Option

The brush cutter has the option to use a drop-down blade instead of a straight blade. This design can be more efficient depending on your landscape as it reduces resistance and back drag, and it allows for cutting closer to the base of the material. 

Protected Motor

The brush cutter features a full hood over the entire drive system for protection. The drive bearings are packed with grease, which is more reliable than oil in the case of a lower seal break. Blue Diamond actually field-tested this without a lower seal for over a year and it remained fully operational!

Pressure Gauge

A huge quality of life increase, there's a pressure gauge visible right from the cab that can be used to see how hard you're pushing your cutter.

Models and Specifications

The Blue Diamond Extreme Duty Open Front Brush Cutter comes in four models: 60" Low Flow, 72" Low Flow, 60" High Flow, and 72" High Flow. Each model is designed to cater to different flow requirements, ensuring there's a model for every need. 

The 72" Models have 4 blades as well, which is a massive increase in the smoothness of the operation of the cutter.

Thinking of Getting One? How to Maintain Your Blue Diamond Extreme Duty Brush Cutter

Inspecting Blades and Bearings

Check for damage, loose bolts and inspect blades, and bearings regularly. Regular inspections ensure that your cutter doesn't accidentally shut down, preventing damage to your skid steer and any other person around 

Cleaning Debris and Raising Back Deck Clearance

Debris removal should be performed regularly to prevent any buildup that can damage your machine. Raising your back deck clearance is essential when cutting slightly high and rough terrain that may tear your blades apart rapidly. 

Ensuring Optimal Performance with Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your brush cutter ensures that it functions optimally and yields the best results. Cleaning and inspections should take place at regular intervals to maximize the effectiveness of your operations. 


We were incredibly impressed with the Extreme Duty Brush Cutter from Blue Diamond. It's a powerful, versatile, and reliable tool for any heavy-duty brush cutting task, boasting a set of unique features and incredible performance and versatility.

My mother always said to buy something nice once so that you don't need to keep replacing it. The Blue Diamond Extreme Duty Brush Cutter is exactly that level of quality -- it's a worthy investment for those in need of a truly high-quality brush cutter.