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Tractor Attachments

Wide Range of High-Quality Tractor Attachments

Unlock the full potential of your tractor with our diverse range of high-quality attachments. From augers and grapple attachments to PTO generators and brush mulchers, our selection caters to every need. Whether you're handling heavy-duty landscaping, agricultural tasks, or general maintenance, our attachments are designed for efficiency and compatibility with major brands like Kubota and Bobcat.

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Optimize Your Tractor's Performance with Top-Grade Attachments

Our collection of tractor attachments ensures that your equipment operates at peak efficiency. Featuring brands like Digga and Baumalight, we offer products such as the Digga RC4 Rock / Earth Combo Auger Bit and Baumalight MP360 Brush Mulcher for PTO on Tractors. These attachments are engineered to deliver exceptional performance, making your tasks easier and more efficient. With options for digging, lifting, and cutting, our attachments are compatible with popular tractor models, including those from Kubota and Bobcat.

For those needing reliable digging solutions, our Digga auger packages, including the Digga 3DSS Auger Package with Mount, are perfect for precise and powerful drilling. The Baumalight Stump Grinders, like the 1P24 model, offer superior stump removal capabilities, ensuring your land is cleared effectively. Additionally, our range of PTO generators, such as the Baumalight KR65 - 65 kW Tractor PTO Generator, provides dependable power for various applications, enhancing your tractor's functionality.

Maintenance and compatibility are key to maximizing the lifespan and efficiency of your attachments. Our selection includes quick attach conversion kits and adapter plates, making it easier to switch between different tools and attachments. Regular maintenance, such as greasing and inspection, ensures long-term performance. Explore our comprehensive range to find the perfect attachments that meet your specific needs and enhance your tractor's capabilities.

Using Skid Steer Attachments on your Tractor

In general, skid steer attachments can be used on tractors, allowing for increased versatility and efficiency. However, some modifications or adapters may be required to ensure proper fit and function between the different machine types.

Essential Skid Steer Attachments for Tractors

Some essential skid steer attachments that can boost a tractor's versatility and productivity include hay spears for transporting bales, augers for digging holes, grapples for handling logs and debris, pallet forks for moving materials, and buckets for scooping and hauling. Brush cutters, tillers, snow blowers, and dozer blades are also popular attachments that allow tractors to clear land, prepare soil, remove snow, and grade surfaces. When selecting attachments, it's important to consider the tractor's lifting capacity, hydraulic flow rate, and quick-attach compatibility to ensure proper fit and function.

Adapting Bobcat Attachments to Kubota

Adapting Bobcat attachments to fit Kubota tractors, such as the SVL series, is possible but may require some modifications or additional components. Kubota initially offered limited attachment compatibility, with only two-button controls and a 14-pin connector that lacked the necessary wiring for some attachments like snow blowers. Aftermarket solutions, such as the Super Controller Kit, provide enhanced control options with up to 10 connections to accommodate modern smart attachments. These kits offer a more user-friendly alternative to Kubota's own attachment control kit. Harnesses are also available to connect Bobcat attachments directly to Kubota machines, bypassing the Bobcat 7-pin Canbus controller. Other options include universal quick-tach mount plates specifically designed for Bobcat and Kubota tractors and loaders, which can be welded or bolted onto various attachments. While not all Bobcat attachments may be directly compatible with Kubota tractors, many can be adapted to work with the right modifications and accessories.

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