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Skid Steer Augers


Are you looking for an auger attachment for your bobcat? Well, look no further; Attachments King boasts a collection of the highest-quality augers and auger bits from well-established and respected brands.

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What's An Auger Used For?

An auger is a tool or a machine that is used to bore holes or dig through various materials such as wood, soil, ice, and even rock. It consists of a long, spiral-shaped bit that is mounted on a shaft, which is rotated by a drive unit. As the auger is rotated, the spiral-shaped bit cuts into the material and moves it up and out of the hole. Augers are commonly used in construction, farming, gardening, and drilling industries for various purposes such as drilling post holes, planting trees, sampling soil, and extracting minerals.

How To Choose The Right Auger For Your Machine

Before you purchase your own auger attachment, it's important that you know what type of options are available so that you can find one that meets all your needs!

Skid Steer auger attachments are typically compromised of three main components, with the actual auger bit being only one of the three options to consider when purchasing an auger.

The Main Components Of An Auger Attachment

Mounting Frames

The Mounting Frame you select can make a surprising difference on the effectiveness of your auger depending on the landscape you're drilling in.

Standard Auger Mounting Frames

Standard Mounting Frames, like this fixed-center mounting frame by Digga, are exactly what they sound like - your traditional Quick-Tach Auger Mount. The simplicity is welcome, but you may find that if you need to extend the auger shaft for deeper holes, this mounting frame might not allow you to raise the auger high enough at ground level to drill a vertical hole.

Extension Mounting Brackets

Auger Extension Mounting Brackets allow you to extend the reach of your auger attachment. This means that for longer shafts or difficult terrain, you can get that perfect vertical insert that you need.


Drive Units

Auger Drive Units are the motor that powers your auger bit. This is where the bulk of your investment will go, because a quality drive unit can make a massive difference in your job speed. A more powerful drive unit can cut through cold earth and rock like butter, and, as Digga says, "Quality is not expensive - it's priceless".

The drive unit that's compatible with your machine will depend heavily on your machine's engine and horsepower output, which governs the hydraulic flow rate you can put out to your attachment. We carry drive units for standard skid steers, as well as drive units specifically catered to high-flow (high hp) skid steer machines.

Standard Skid Steer Auger Drive Units

Our standard auger drive units for skid steers generally tend to operate within the 10-30 GPM range, as seen here with Digga's 4DSS Auger Drive Unit. That one boasts a hearty 3,821 lb/ft maximum torque output.

High-Flow Skid Steer Auger Drive Units

High-Flow Auger Drive units for Skid Steers take full advantage of the higher horsepower new machines come with. This 6DDT 2-Speed High Flow Auger Drive Unit contains a massive 5,847 lb/ft maximum torque output, which will give you a first-class auger experience as it makes quick work of whatever landscape you're drilling in.


Auger Bits

The Auger Bit is the final primary piece of your auger package, and choosing the right bit is essential for completing your job correctly. Our most popular bit is the 9" RC8 Earth/Rock Combo Bit, which we're told is the perfect size for drilling 4x4 fence post holes.

Auger Bits come in three flavors, specifically geared towards the landscape you'll be drilling in.

Earth Auger Bits

Earth Auger Bits are exactly what they sound like -- skid steer auger bits for drilling in earth. These are perfect for when you know that you won't be hitting any rock layers on your job site, and are fantastic for agriculture and forestry jobs.

Rock Auger Bits

Rock Auger Bits are built to break through rock and grind it up so that the auger blade can carry it out of the hold. We offer a wide variety of rock auger bit choices that will ensure you have exactly the right rock bit for your needs.

Earth/Rock Combination Auger Bits

Earth/Rock Combo Bits are the best of both worlds, and a fantastic general-purpose auger bit. They have teeth that can handle rock if you come across it, but are efficient enough to get through earth quickly and effectively. See our collection of combination bits here.

Tree Planting Auger Bits

This is a rare category, but we do offer an auger bit specifically geared towards planting trees. It has a tapered shape with a wide base, so that the hole will be larger at the top than it is at the bottom -- making it the perfect implement for rapid forestry jobs.