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About Us

At Attachments King, our mission is to bring the strong work ethic of our frontline workers to the backline processes that support them. 

We have three core values that make up the bedrock of our business model: Trust, Hard Work, and Clear Communication.

We believe that with these three values, we can provide a level of service to our customers that stands head and shoulders above all of our competitors.

You can dig deeper into our core values below:



We know that projects don't always line up with the blueprint. Accidents happen, and sometimes forces outside of our control can affect the work we do. 

At Attachments King, we make a commitment that when things go wrong, we will support you with open and honest communication so that we can fix the problem together. 

This means being up front about what we can and can't do -- because having all of the information at-hand will allow both of us to get to the right solution faster. No more frustrating conversations with support teams who dodge questions with vague answers!


Hard Work

Sometimes, the job's just gotta get done. Rain, shine, or snow, there are moments when you have to just put your head down and finish what you started.

This is our mindset as well -- and our core belief is that since you're out there giving 100% of your effort to make our world a better place, then it's our responsibility to work just as hard to support you in that process. 

There are times when it's going to be an uphill battle -- but we'll work together to finish the job. That's what separates us from other companies in our space; and that's why we're the Attachments King.


Clear Communication

When it comes to Heavy Machinery, the stakes are high. Projects are expensive, and every second counts. We know that if you're on our site, there's a need for equipment that can completely stall a project out if it's the wrong fit or if it's not delivered on time.

We commit to delivering the direct, clear communication that's necessary for your operations to continue smoothly. We want you to have full confidence that when you order from our site, you have the right equipment and an accurate timeline for delivery.

Your project is out there, not in here. We believe that your experience on our site should be easy and effortless, and you should leave with full confidence that your problem is solved so that you can get back to doing what you do best. 

Talk With One Of Our Experts Today

Talk With One Of Our Experts Today

Our Customer Support Team is here to help.

If you have any questions about our products, their compability with your machines, or any lead times required for your order, we welcome you to call our toll free number or send us a message through chat.

We're here and happy to help -- it's what we do!