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Tractor Graders and Land Planes

Tractor Graders for Landscaping, Farming, and Large Estates

Our selection of tractor graders and land planes is designed to meet the needs of landscaping, small farms, ranches, hunting camps, large estates, and sod farms. Unlike box scrapers, these attachments do not require high horsepower and allow for easy grading without the need for constant adjustments to the tractor's 3-point lift controls. Browse our range of high-quality products from Blue Diamond Attachments and Loflin Fabrication to find the perfect fit for your tractor.

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Premium Tractor Graders and Land Planes for Optimal Performance

When it comes to maintaining smooth and level surfaces, our grader blades for tractors and land planes offer unmatched efficiency. Whether you are working on landscaping projects, maintaining small farms, or managing large estates, our attachments are engineered to deliver precision and ease of use. Unlike traditional box scrapers, these tools minimize the need for high horsepower and frequent manual adjustments, ensuring a seamless operation. Our selection includes:

  1. Blue Diamond Box Blade Scraper - Standard and Heavy Duty: Perfect for small to medium tasks, this scraper provides robust performance without the need for extensive power, making it ideal for light-duty grading and leveling.
  2. Blue Diamond Grader Blades - Heavy Duty: Built for tougher jobs, these grader blades are designed to handle more demanding tasks, offering durability and strength for various applications on your property.
  3. Blue Diamond Dual-Edge Grader: This versatile grader features dual-edge functionality, allowing for more efficient grading and leveling, making it a versatile tool for any farm or ranch.
  4. Loflin Fabrication Tractor Box Grader: Known for its reliability and performance, this box grader is an excellent choice for those who need a durable and effective grading solution for their tractor.

Explore the Benefits of Tractor Graders and Land Planes

Our tractor graders and land planes are essential tools for anyone looking to maintain their property efficiently. With features designed to reduce the need for high horsepower and constant manual adjustments, these attachments provide a hassle-free grading experience. Perfect for a variety of applications, from landscaping to farming, these tools ensure your surfaces remain level and well-maintained with minimal effort. Invest in quality attachments from Blue Diamond Attachments and Loflin Fabrication to enhance your tractor's capabilities and achieve superior results.

Choosing the Right Grader or Land Plane for Your Tractor

Selecting the right grader blade for your tractor or land plane is crucial for achieving the best results. Consider the specific needs of your project and the capabilities of your tractor. Our range includes both standard and heavy-duty options, ensuring you can find the perfect match for any task. Whether you need a box scraper for your tractor or a versatile dual-edge grader, our high-quality attachments are designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability. Trust in our expert selection to help you get the job done right.

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